Friday, August 7, 2009

Clip Report for August 7

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Voice of San Diego

August 5, 2009

The Tough Teacher Who Knows -- And Says -- What She Thinks

Few people in San Diego Unified are neutral when it comes to Camille Zombro, the provocative leader of the teachers union, and Zombro is rarely neutral herself.


Voice of San Diego

August 7, 2009

Good News in a Bad Economy

Good news for San Diego Unified in a bad economy: Bids for renovating schools are still coming in well under what engineers had estimated.


Guardian Preservation Services Blog

August 7, 2009

School District Denies Mold, Tears Down School

The San Diego Unified School district has found a very unique way to avoid the drama and litigation that happens when teachers and students start complaining about mold in a school. WhatÕs their solution? Tear down the school and build a new one, which will remove the mold and, at the same time, demolishing the evidence.


San Diego Union-Tribune

August 7, 2009

Short Takes | Regional Edition

USD gets grant to train science, math teachers

Expiration date extended for state library grant


San Diego Union-Tribune

August 6, 2009

Schools fear more cuts later if state budget woes continue

Local school officials who weathered millions of dollars in cuts when the state finally adopted a budget are concerned another round of spending reductions is on the horizon.


Schools Calendar



August 5, 2009

AVID Programs Survive Despite State Cuts

SAN DIEGO — Roughly 4,000 teachers from across the country are in San Diego to learn how they can help immigrant and minority kids get into college.



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