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Clip Report for August 5

Voice of San Diego

August 5, 2009

Some Stimulus Dollars For School Councils

A sliver of federal stimulus money will go to train school councils in San Diego Unified, foreshadowing a move towards decentralizing decisions in the massive school district. It is the second time the school district has tweaked its stimulus spending plans, reflecting disagreement and uncertainty about what are best -- and legal -- ways to use the money.


Charter School Gets Green Light to Expand

Brushing off advice from San Diego Unified staffers, the school board decided Tuesday night to allow a largely Somali charter school to grow from a K-8 into a high school, concluding that its disproportionate African-American student population was not a good reason to prevent its expansion.


City News Service via KGTV-10

August 4, 2009

Charter Expansion Approved For City Heights School

SAN DIEGO -- Student achievement trumped diversity in a battle over educational goals as the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education Tuesday approved an expansion of a charter for a City Heights school that mainly serves Somalis.



August 5, 2009

Somali Community Gets Approval For Charter High SchoolThe San Diego Unified school board will allow a Somali charter school in City Heights to expand. That came despite concerns over the diversity of the school's student population.


SD Unified Backs Biliteracy

SAN DIEGO — Biliteracy will now be a priority in the San Diego Unified school district. The school board approved a policy yesterday that makes learning two languages a goal for all district students.



August 4, 2009

Is San Diego ready for H1N1?


Also a report on the Morning News.


Turko Files: Reported that SDUSD had refunded the contractor from this story.



August 5, 2009

Morning News

Reporter Mike Castalucci visited the summer program at SCPA.



August 2, 2009

Apprentices, Zipcodes at Issue in School Labor Deal

SAN DIEGO — A battle wages on over who should get to work on lucrative school construction projects in San Diego City Schools. KPBS Education Reporter Ana Tintocalis takes a closer look at why a controversial labor agreement has landed the district in court.

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