Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clip Report for August 13

San Diego Union-Tribune

August 13, 2009

Arts school encoring | Juilliard-style summer session taps pro talent

On a humid August day in Paradise Hills, dozens of teenagers are crammed into a dark and stuffy studio watching — visibly in awe — as famed musician Mark Dresser plucks away at his bass.


Voice of San Diego

August 13, 2009

The Definition of 'Disadvantaged'

I just got a chart from San Diego Unified showing how much (or how little) families need to earn for their kids to qualify for free lunches this year. This is an important metric for poverty in schools: Almost every time I refer to "disadvantaged kids" in an article, I'm talking about kids who can get free lunches.




Sacramento Bee

August 13, 2009

Sacramento-area schools brace for possible swine flu wave

Three days into the new school year, it's clear the H1N1 virus could become a big problem for local schools. Folsom Cordova Unified began its school year Monday with the announcement that one of its students had been diagnosed with the virus a few days before. The ninth-grade girl is expected to recover and return to school next week.



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