Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clip Report for Aug. 11

Voice of San Diego

August 11, 2009

Some Good News On Public Official Spending

Lest you think there is never any good news about how people in the public trust spend public money, here is a brighter note: San Diego Unified Superintendent Terry Grier has cut down his expenses at San Diego Unified considerably over the past few months.



August 11, 2009

Schools to Do More for Military Students

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Unified public schools near the Miramar Corps Air Station will share a $2.5 million federal grant intended for programs that could make life easier for military students between deployments.



August 10, 2009

Class Size Reduction from Stimulus Funds

Story on the 25 schools that will have reduced class size.




San Francisco Chronicle

August 11, 2009

Editorial: State must act quickly to get stimulus money

Now is not the time for the state of California to turn away extra money for its struggling school system. But if Sacramento doesn't act quickly, the state might be doing just that.

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