Monday, August 10, 2009

Clip Report for August 10

San Diego Union-Tribune

August 8, 2009

School board approves bi-literacy policy | At this point, plan is vague, has no funding

SAN DIEGO — More than a decade after California voters all but banned bilingual education, San Diego schools will encourage – and teach – students to embrace a second language under a new and ambitious bi-literacy policy.


Student Spotlight: Daniel Chiu

Entering the Dream Deferred essay contest this year was kind of random. Daniel Chiu was bored in class one day and decided to look up possible contests in which to compete.


Vote adds grades 9-12 to mostly Somali school

SAN DIEGO — A charter school serving mostly Somali students from in and around City Heights received permission from a divided San Diego school board Tuesday to expand its program to include high schoolers.


Newest school board trustee racks up travel expenses | Most of $1,456 total was for Sacramento meetings

NATIONAL CITY — National City's newest school board member has already run up a travel bill that surpasses what most of her colleagues have spent in the past 30 months.






San Diego Daily Transcript

August 7, 2009

You may soon be paying a new property tax

By Fred Schnaubelt ,

San Diego Unified School District is seeking a new property tax, a tax on every parcel of land in the district. No matter how much money it receives for school districts it's never enough, a throwback to John L. Lewis's acerbic response in the heyday of the labor movement when asked what do union members want: "More!"



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