Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clip Report for July 7

San Diego Union-Tribune
July 7, 2009
Retired school librarian fears unhappy ending for profession
When Dennis Donley began his career nearly 35 years ago, he joined a crew of 40 teachers who staffed every middle and high school library in the San Diego school district.

Voice of San Diego
July 7, 2009
School Chief Report Card -- Continued
Superintendent Terry Grier is being evaluated by the San Diego Unified school board in closed session this morning, according to a meeting agenda. This looks like a continuation of his evaluation several weeks ago, which was listed on a closed session meeting agenda for June 23.

Voice of San Diego
July 7, 2009
San Diego Unified Offices Quiet in Post-Golden Handshake Era
It was really quiet when I stopped by the big pink offices of San Diego Unified this morning. That's probably because a whole lot of people aren't working there anymore. Thanks to a golden handshake that was offered to encourage veteran employees to leave the school district, hundreds of employees said goodbye to their schools or offices last week.

Sacramento Bee
July 7, 2009
Teachers union defends Prop. 98
The powerful California Teachers Association launched an offensive Monday against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposal to suspend the Proposition 98 school-funding measure to help bridge this year's budget gap.

Voice of San Diego
July 6, 2009
Carpet Baggers with Cookie Cutter Solutions'
Ideas for spending federal stimulus money in San Diego Unified are already generating debate.


July 7, 2009
Marsha Sutton: Basic Aid districts offer to give up "fair share" of money
A whirlwind of legislative activity a few weeks ago resulted in a proposal to the state from Basic Aid school districts to voluntarily reduce their share of state funding in proportion to the cuts Revenue Limit school districts have had to endure.
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