Monday, July 6, 2009

Clip Report for July 6

San Diego Union-Tribune
July 6, 2009
Housing skid spoils enrollment forecasts | School districts forced to amend plans for campuses
Early this decade, when the real estate boom was at its peak, families with children were swarming eastern Chula Vista faster than educators could build classrooms.

July 6, 2009
S.D. City Council to Consider New Library

SAN DIEGO The full San Diego city council will consider whether to move forward with a new downtown library Tuesday.

San Diego Business Journal
July 6, 2009
SDBJ Insider
Giant puppets take to the streets in City Heights for the fourth annual Welcome to Middle School celebration set for July 14, which features San Diego Guild of Puppetry lead artist Felix Diaz. Drummers from Monroe Clark Middle School and Hoover High join 450 newly minted sixth-graders who’ll carry puppets and banners, designed to welcome the kids to their new school.
San Diego Union-Tribune
July 5, 2009
She's got the hooks | From 'Big Brother' to 'Look,' Allison Grodner makes captivating reality TV
Reality-television producer Allison Grodner has a few words of advice for people who think they want to live the glamorous reality-TV life.
San Diego Union-Tribune
July 4, 2009
Outdoors | Team takes aim at last target: winning the gold
They trained and practiced and fought to be the best in California, and next week the San Diego High School ROTC marksmanship team will compete against the sharpest high school shooters in the country at the National Junior Olympics.
San Diego Union-Tribune
July 4, 2009
Union-Tribune Editorial |
The real story | Why budget wasn't fixed by deadline
With all the variables known and all the key players having been negotiating for weeks, why wasn't the 2009-10 state budget fixed by the Tuesday deadline?
San Diego Union-Tribune
July 5, 2009
Union-Tribune Editorial | An example to follow | San Diego Unified should follow Palo Alto and scrap union payoff
Last December, the Palo Alto City Council heeded labor leaders and unanimously approved a proposal to pay union-scale wages for two costly pending projects. As a charter city not subject to state and federal "prevailing wage" rules, Palo Alto otherwise would have been able to pay much less to contractors.
June 29, 2009
Arthur Salm: Let’s shaft the teachers! | Education must not be very important with the way we treat our teachers.
Can you help us out with school supplies? The first week of instruction, please have your child bring …
Here’s a hot stock tip (assuming such a thing still exists): Proctor & Gamble, or any company that manufactures or distributes such things as paper towels, liquid cleanser, glue sticks, notebook paper, and facial tissue.
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