Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clip Report for July 14

San Diego Union-Tribune

July 14, 2009

District may ask voters to approve parcel tax | San Diego Unified wants to offset budget cuts

SAN DIEGO — A new tax on property owners could help protect the San Diego school district from the state's worsening fiscal mess and should be considered for an upcoming ballot, according to a proposal that goes before the school board today.


Voice of San Diego
July 14, 2009

Exit Bonus In Hand, School Employees Quickly Re-Enter

Dozens of veteran workers who were paid to exit San Diego Unified two weeks ago, clearing out jobs and making way for less expensive employees, have already been rehired as hourly workers.



July 13, 2009

John de Beck: Answers to your questions

San Diego Unified board member John de Beck asked our SDNN readers if they had questions about the education system - and they did. Here are answers to some of the questions sent in.


Voice of San Diego
July 10, 2009

Telling Kids They're Brilliant

Longtime educator Wendell Bass has probably seen it all -- but his belly laugh is still intact as he retires from three decades overseeing some of the most challenged schools in San Diego Unified.

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