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Clip Report for July 30

San Diego Union-Tribune

July 30, 2009

Potential double whammy of flu coming up | Local health officials put schools on notice

As public health officials from Boston to San Diego brace for a potential double hit from seasonal influenza and a new wave of swine flu, schools and vaccine distribution have become major focal points. (Also featured on front of California School Board Association website).

  • Also covered by KBNT-TV.


Contractor group to sue schools over work rules

SAN DIEGO: They threatened to sue, and now it looks as if they will. An official with the local chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America says the group will file suit against the San Diego Unified School District this morning over its agreement ensuring labor guarantees for the bulk of Proposition S work.


Ex-principals to open online school | Ecademy California is educational hybrid

Three former Chula Vista elementary school principals plan to open an online school next month that's a hybrid of home and traditional instruction. Like home-schoolers, students at Ecademy California can learn at their kitchen tables or in their bedrooms. But like their peers at neighborhood public schools, they will attend classes at scheduled hours and meet as a group with a teacher who leads them through lessons in math, English, science and social studies. Classes, however, will be held via Webcam.


Tax for schools roundly opposed | Angry residents tell Cardiff board

Trustees of the Cardiff School District, which has been hit hard by state budget cuts, recently began talking about a parcel tax as a way to raise money to offset the shortfall. It didn't go well.


Voice of San Diego

July 29, 2009

Building Now, Paying for It Later

Drama boosters at Patrick Henry High School want a real auditorium to replace the "cafetorium" that doubles as an eating space. Two neighboring middle schools want a new field for baseball, softball and soccer.


Contractors' Group Filing Suit Over Labor Pact

The local chapter of the Associated General Contractors announced today that it is filing a lawsuit against San Diego Unified "challenging the exclusivity" of its project labor agreement, which sets goals for local hiring and gives apprentices from union programs the first shot at jobs to build their skills. The group is holding a press conference tomorrow morning at their headquarters. Check back soon for more details.


Placing Displaced Teachers

It looks like San Diego Unified will find jobs for all of those displaced teachers after all: Cutting class sizes down to 15 students per teacher in 25 schools is expected to create 116 teaching jobs, according to a preliminary estimate from the human resources department.


La Jolla Light

July 28, 2009

Local salon supports La Jolla High School

With schools across the state facing budget cuts and subsequent equipment shortfalls, La Jolla High School finds itself benefiting from cuts of another kind.


San Diego Unified Parent Blog (Paul M. Bowers)

July 30, 2009

Parent Union?

Parents are frustrated. We see all the power and influence in the district and on the board- the teachers, the administrators, and unions. But what about parents? Are we entirely powerless?


Foundations as employers?

ThereÕs been a lot of talk around the district and parents regarding the role specific parent groups, mostly Foundations, may play in directly funding positions at district (public!) schools.




San Francisco Chronicle

July 27, 2009

Budget lifts diploma hurdle for special-ed kids

Changes to the California High School Exit Exam policy tucked into the state's new budget may offer a different future for thousands of disabled children denied diplomas over the past two years.


Orange County Register

July 29, 2009

Will O.C. school districts soon face bankruptcy?

The recent state takeover of a Monterey County district raises the question. But local educators say it's not likely anytime soon.




eSchool News

July 28, 2009

Ten tips for boosting eCommunication

One of the great things about working in education is the opportunity to start anew every fall. No matter how tough the previous school year was, we get to go back to school with new school supplies, new students, and new hopes.


New York Times

July 27, 2009

For Veterans, a Weekend Pass From Homelessness

The number of homeless veterans who made their way to a high schoolÕs athletic fields for the gathering reached a record high, some 950 compared with last yearÕs record of 830. The job-devouring recession is pushing up the numbers, but organizers said they were also starting to see younger veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, some with traumatic brain injuries or psychological stresses, who had fallen through the safety nets with unusual speed.

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