Friday, March 20, 2009

Clip Report for March 20

Voice of San Diego

March 20, 2009


A Proposal to Screen School Volunteers


March 17, 2009

More Evidence Against Watering Artificial Turf

KUSI's Michael Turko is inves-tigating an attempt to waste water at public expense. Turko says the San Diego School District is mak-ing plans to water ten artificial turf fields at local high schools. website

March 20, 2009

San Diego Mesa College To Host Third African American/Latino Male Leadership Summit

190 high school students/24 role models/professionals join together to discuss What does it mean to be an African American or Latino male leader?


Voice of San Diego

March 19, 2009

Why San Diego Needs Transportation for Dedicated Magnet Schools

By Bey-Ling Sha

The SD Unified School District Board of Education last week voted to eliminate transportation for all magnet programs in the district, yet another short--sighted effort by the board to deal with the budget crisis handed down by the state.

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