Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clip Report for March 19

Voice of San Diego

March 17, 2009

Minus Busing, Will Magnet Schools Lose Their Attraction?

Magnet schools in San Diego Unified have long depended on buses to deliver students from across the city, populating the themed schools with a diverse ar-ray of kids. But a new plan to end busing to magnets could steer families away from the schools and undercut the whole idea of mag-nets.


Mar 18, 2009

Parents Upset Over SD Unified's Buget Details

Parents in the San Diego Uni-fied School District are upset over a plan that requires principals to juggle two elementary schools at one time. They’re also angry the district wants to cut school bus transportation to magnet schools. KPBS Reporter Ana Tintocalis has more.


March 18, 2009

District Mulls Bus Cuts For Magnet Schools

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Unified School District is propos-ing cuts in its bus service to all of its Magnet schools, 10News re-ported.


March 17, 2009

Starving the (wrong) beast | San Diego Unified throws the baby out with the bath water

Madison High School student Charles Spencer plays a tuba held together by duct tape.

Voice of San Diego

March 19, 2009

This Just In

Hands Off the School Stimulus, Schwarzenegger!

More Deets on the School Board Trips

Why the Busing Halt Could Be Good

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 19. 2009

Support seen for athletics, arts in online school survey | District sought opinions on where to reduce spending

SAN DIEGO — And the survey says?

An online poll designed to gauge public opinion on where to make cuts to the San Diego Unified School District budget showed overwhelming support for saving music, art and athletic programs.

San Diego Metropolitan Magazine

March 17, 2009


A $200,000-plus radio ad cam-paign opposing the use of a project labor agreement in San Diego Uni-fied School District's $2.1 billion Prop. S construction program is about to begin airing.

La Jolla Light

March 18, 2009

News Briefs

9 LJHS juniors win award

Nine La Jolla High School jun-iors have won the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.

Voice of San Diego

March 12. 3009

Charter Teachers, Fearful of Firings, Push to Unionize a Shaken School

Less than a year after a Barrio Logan charter school discarded its director and cut loose nearly all of its teachers with little warning, teachers in its system of schools are taking their first steps toward forming a union.

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 19, 2009

Goal of curfew sweeps: Keeping teenagers safe | Some youths eligible for diversion program

SAN DIEGO — As Sgt. Jeffrey Pace pulls up to a slim woman walking past a party spot on 47th Street, he realizes something isn't right. It's close to midnight. She's too young to be out.

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 17, 2009

Giving aid and comfort | Tiny camera is another way Rady Children's Hospital tries to put patients at ease

SAN DIEGO — A visit to the hospital can be stressful for any-one, but the strange surroundings and displeasures that often ac-company medical care can be downright scary for children.

Dow Jones Newswire

March 18, 2009

Recurrent Energy Buys Cash Hungry UPC Solar's Assets

A lack of available project fi-nancing has forced another photo-voltaic project developer to pull up its stakes, as UPC Energy Group has sold off its solar assets to Re-current Energy Inc. for an undis-closed sum.


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