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Clip Report for March 14

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 17, 2009

Benefits manager's work questioned | County employee also acted as a broker


A county Office of Education employee tasked with managing a retirement program for thousands of teachers and administrators supplemented his salary for years with commissions on outside in-vestments he sold to those same clients.

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 14, 2009

Parents protest district's principal-sharing proposal


SAN DIEGO — Parents from around the city lashed out at the San Diego Unified School District yesterday after learning that 22 campuses would be forced to share principals next year to help offset a $146.7 million budget deficit.

MSNBC Website

March 16, 2009

Elementary Schools to Share Principals


What do you think of a 785:1 student-principal ratio?

Dozens of small elementary schools will be forced to share principals after a decision by the San Diego Unified School District.


March 15, 2009

Pink Slips for Teachers


Board member Dr. John Lee Evans was interviewed by Fox 5 on how San Diego Unified avoided sending out pink slips to teachers.

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 14, 2009

Some of schools' popular programs could be saved


SAN DIEGO — Classrooms will be slightly larger. Thousands of parents will have to find transportation to get their children to and from magnet schools. And the smallest elementary schools will have to share principals.

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 13, 2009

Old fuel plume still fouls


SAN DIEGOSan Diego schools officials are demanding stronger efforts to clean up an underground plume of gasoline, diesel and oil that has seeped from an abandoned service station to the edge of Patrick Henry High School in San Carlos.

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 12, 2009

Catalyst for future scientists | Students learn about careers at tech fair


DEL MAR — Sarath Pathuri, 13, wants to build NASA rockets. Sarahi Soto, 11, aims to be a pediatrician.

Voice of San Diego

March 16, 2009

This Just In

Mr. Barrera and Mr. Evans Go to Sacto


The Cost of School's DC Trip


Auditors Find San Diego Schools Lax on Overpayments


Though Unwanted, Some Teacher Layoffs Still Possible


'Immoral and Appalling'


Listen Up on School Cuts


'Teachers Need to Know That We Value What They Do'


La Jolla Light

March 12, 2009

La Jolla High’s A team cracks NOSB competition in Washington, D.C.


While they will not be getting in the water, a number of La Jolla High students are set to head to Washington, D.C., next month to compete in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) Competition.

Beach & Bay Press

March 6, 2009

A fine taste for a great cause


"A Taste of Pacific Beach" raised nearly $8,000 for PB schools

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 14, 2009

Sports program changing young lives


At first glance, Leon Schorr and Desmond Vehar might seem like an awkward fit. First, Desmond's 6-foot 2-inch frame – not including the hair – soars more than a few inches over Schorr. Desmond, 15, spends most of his time at University City High School, focusing on his studies or playing varsity foot-ball; Schorr, 35, spends his days in the courtroom as a lawyer for the District Attorney's Office.


San Diego Union-Tribune

March 14, 2009

UNION-TRIBUNE EDITORIAL | A smart alternative Why would gifted students score so low?


This week's budget-cutting flurry in the San Diego Unified School District did not spare the Gifted and Talented Education and the Seminar programs.

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 14, 2009

UNION-TRIBUNE EDITORIAL | Public workers, public workplace, public money . . . public voice


Last we heard, school teachers were still public employees. Since taxpayers pick up the tab for teachers' compensation, what teachers do for how much pay is public information.

San Diego Union-Tribune

March 14, 2009

Letters to the Editor


Teachers union aside, school board budget survey was wise

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