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Clip Report for May 18

May 18, 2009
Battle Over School Bond Projects Continues
The San Diego Unified school board is considering how to move forward with a labor agreement that could give unions most of the jobs under a school bond measure.
Project Labor Agreements or PLAs often give unions preference in hiring. In exchange, the unions give up their right to strike.

San Diego Union-Tribune
May 17, 2009
District seeks fingerprint screening of volunteers
SAN DIEGO Volunteers who want to coach a team, chaperone a field trip or work independently with students in the San Diego Unified School District next year may need to clear a fingerprint screening for criminal convictions.

Voice of San Diego
May 17, 2009
A School Windfall That Set Off a Whirlwind of Controversy
A windfall of stimulus dollars might seem like a godsend for San Diego Unified schools right now. But the way that the school district is soliciting plans for the new funds has set off a whirlwind of controversy, even as schools rush to bid for up to $17 million a year.

Voice of San Diego
May 15, 2009
New Revisions Could Cost Schools Between $46M and $88M More
San Diego Unified officials are tentatively estimating that the recent revisions announced by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to the state budget will cost the school district an additional $13.9 million this school year and nearly $32 million more next school year if all propositions pass at the ballot box next week.

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