Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clip Report for May 12

May 12, 2009
Education Officials Pinpoint High School Dropout Rates
The high school dropout problem in the San Diego Unified School District is not as bad as previously reported. New data shows the county's rate also improved slightly.

May 12, 2009
San Diego School District's Budget Gap Now $48.4 Million | More Spending Cuts Might Be Needed
The massive budget deficit hanging over the San Diego Unified School District in the next academic year has been narrowed by two-thirds, meaning the school board will need to make further spending cuts in coming months, district officials said Tuesday.

San Diego Union-Tribune
May 12, 2009
Federal stimulus money buoys schools | But some districts fear losing state funds because of deficit
County schools are getting an infusion of $126 million in federal stimulus money, enabling a South Bay district to rescind layoff notices to 48 teachers and counselors. So much for the good news.

Voice of San Diego
May 12, 2009
The Golden Handshake Is a Go
The San Diego Unified school board voted unanimously this morning to accept a "golden handshake" for employees that it now projects that it will save nearly $9 million next school year and more than $19 million over the next five years. The bonus is meant to encourage veteran employees to leave the district so that they can be replaced with less expensive, less experienced workers -- or not replaced at all.

'We Can't Afford to Have This Happen'
I just caught up with Dan McAllister, the chairman of the San Diego Unified audit and finance committee, about the settlement on its misuse of federal education money on the last "golden handshake" for employees in 2003 under then-Superintendent Alan Bersin. (Confused? Here is a quick refresher.) The school district must repay nearly $700,000 into its own federally funded programs for disadvantaged students over the next two years because of the error. That can be difficult because schools get funding from numerous sources, each with their own requirements and limitations. Putting more money into the federally funded programs means taking it from another fund in the school district.


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