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Clip Report for June 29

Voice of San Diego
June 29, 20089
How the Library Became a Schoobrary
There's been a lot of action lately on the downtown library. And if you haven't followed every detail, you might ask yourself some logical questions.

San Diego Union-Tribune
June 27, 2009
Focus on school foundations | District wants guidelines on how nonprofit donations are spent
SAN DIEGO — As schools turn to private foundations to help fill gaps left from budget cuts, parent-run nonprofits are getting new scrutiny from the San Diego school district — prompting concerns they might lose the ability to spend donations as they see fit.

San Diego Union-Tribune
June 27, 2009
Student Spotlight: Zulma Monsalvo
Her brother got an electric keyboard when she was in elementary school, but he didn't use it much. So, Zulma Monsalvo taught herself how to play.
June 26, 2009
Student Awarded $1.25M For Relationship With Teacher
SAN DIEGO -- A jury awarded $1.25 million to a former student at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Paradise Hills because they found that the principal and others failed to report a sexual relationship between the student and her teacher. Also covered by UPI.

SDSD News Release
June 26, 2009
John Flood Receives Educator Award | Flood was honored for his work with the San Diego Unified School District
Flood was recognized for his work with schools in the Madison High School Cluster, and is an artist-in-residence with the visual and performing arts in the San Diego Unified School District. He has developed a comprehensive world music program in K-12 schools in conjunction with the International House of Blues Foundation.

Voice of San Diego
June 26, 2009
An Idea on Class Size
School board member Richard Barrera mentioned something interesting yesterday when I rung him up to talk about class size: San Diego Unified is pushing for the state to reimburse them an estimated $14 million in penalties for upping class size. Barrera said that money, in turn, could actually be used to reduce class size by hiring more teachers.
June 29, 2009
John de Beck: Answers to your questions
San Diego Unified board member John de Beck asked our SDNN readers if they had questions about the education system - and they did. Here are answers to some of the questions sent in.
June 29, 2009
Marsha Sutton: Gompers’ protest over district’s latest scheme
The headline screamed out at me from my computer screen. Gompers Charter, the Little School That Could, needs help once more.

San Diego Union-Tribune
June 28, 2009
Ozzie Roberts | Tough teacher changed lives; now her life changes
Crandallyn Graham – "Mama," "Ms. G" – is so down-to-earth, with such laser-sharp wit, she makes you feel she's tough as tacks. And that you have to be just like her to pull up a chair in her room.
San Diego Union-Tribune
June 28, 2009
Dean Calbreth:
Determining the impact of stimulus bill a difficult job
In a rare display of political candor last week, President Barack Obama admitted that his $787 billion economic stimulus program isn't quite meeting his expectations.
The San Diego Unified School District has "hybrid schools" among its many innovative programs. Hybrid schools are district or charter schools that offer flexible programs for homeschooling families.
June 28, 2009
Michael Jackson as a lesson about gifted children
Of all the mystery surrounding Michael Jackson, his genius has been unquestionable since the onset of his professional career at the age of five.
June 27, 2009
12 of the nation's top high schools are in San Diego Unified
Newsweek's list of the nation's top 1,500 schools includes 12 schools in the San Diego Unified School District.
June 26, 2009
San Diego Week: San Diego Schools to Invest $20 Million in Downtown Library
Reporter Ana Tintacolis tells host Joanne Faryon about the San Diego Unified School Board's decision to commit millions to a charter high school in a proposed downtown library.
June 26, 2009
Editor's Roundtable:
Building a New Downtown Library
GLORIA PENNER (Host): I'm Gloria Penner. I'm joined by the editors at the roundtable These Days in San Diego. Today, we'll look at the momentum that's building for the downtown library. The editors with me today are Andrew Donohue, editor of, Tony Perry, San Diego bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, and Ricky Young, government editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune. Let me welcome you individually. Andrew, how are you?
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