Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clip Report for Feb. 24

Voice of San Diego
Feb. 24, 2009
Schools Tiptoe Toward Including Children with Disabilities
The kindergartner kicked and bit his classmates. He ran around the room, screaming and hitting. His teacher, Melissa Wood, struggled to subdue him and get through the daily lessons at Sandburg Elementary.

Voice of San Diego
February 23, 2009
Unanswered Questions Still Grip Golden Handshake
San Diego Unified is inching closer to an exit bonus that could prod thousands of veteran employees to leave the school district. Known commonly as a golden handshake, it is one in a battery of ideas the school board is weighing to save money in a budget crisis that is estimated to cost San Diego Unified more than $63 million next school year.

Voice of San Diego
Feb. 17, 2009
Inside This Elementary School, Students Face Life, Debt and Taxes
The minimum wage has dropped. New citizens keep arriving in need of work. And the government is still struggling to craft a budget halfway into the year. Politicians chalk up their difficulties to one crucial thing.

February 24, 2009
Local School Background Check Process Questioned
SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Unified School District looks closely at its employees.

San Diego Union-Tribune
February 24, 2009
S.D. school volunteer has molest conviction
Nobody checked music coach's past
SAN DIEGO — San Diego schools officials will review their policies for background checks on volunteers after they learned a 63-year-old sex offender had worked with music students for months.

February 23, 2009
Schools Facing Larger Budget Cuts
San Diego Unified School District trustees are contemplating additional budget cuts.

San Diego Union-Tribune
Feb. 23, 2009
Additional $26.5 million in cuts faces school board
SAN DIEGO — The task of balancing the San Diego school district budget got tougher yesterday when Superintendent Terry Grier told trustees about $26.5 million in cuts that administrators had planned to make without discussion by the board.

San Diego Union-Tribune
February 24, 2009
Silver lining for public works projects
Bargains abound as construction industry falters
The estimated $285 million in federal stimulus money headed to San Diego County comes at a good time for public agencies, which are enjoying greater purchasing power because of lower construction costs.

La Prensa San Diego
February 20, 2009
'Advocacy in a Changing World' is Theme of Next Comienza con un Sueño College Outreach Event for Latino Families
What steps can parents take to become or remain effective advocates for their children's education, especially in light of today's financial crisis which seriously threatens state spending on K-12 education and higher education?

February 24, 2009
Grier Wants to Create Smaller High Schools
San Diego Unified School Superintendent Terry Grier wants smaller high schools. But first he has to convince a wary school board and public. KPBS Reporter Ana Tintocalis has more.

Feb 23, 2009
Report: Calif. Failing at Sending High School Students to College
City News Service
California ranks 48th in the nation in the percentage of high school seniors who go on to a four-year college the next academic year, according to the annual California Educational Opportunity Report -- involving UCLA researchers -- released today.

Feb 23, 2009
S.D. Unified Contemplating $26.5 Million More in Cuts
San Diego Unified School District trustees are contemplating an additional $26.5 million in cuts in addition to $77.3 million in proposed cuts previously reported.

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